About Us

C9 Beauty AB was founded by, among others, the CEO Miriam Grundberg. Miriam has had her own beauty clinic for many years and always dreamed of creating skin care products that have the absolute best properties and that most people also can afford to buy. C9 Beauty is “premium skincare at affordable pricing.”

Swedish renowned dermatologist Dr. Anne Wetter is also part of the C9 family, with over 20 years of experience in dermatological treatments. Dr. Anne is also the founder of Sweden's largest skin clinic with over 15 locations.

Dermatologically tested &
Environmentally friendly products

All our products are dermatologically tested.
It means that it has been tested on humans under
the supervision of a dermatologist. We develop and
manufacture all products using environmentally
friendly technology.

Skincare for everyone

We want everyone to have access to skincare with
effective ingredients that, together with cannabidiol,
are great for the skin. C9 Beauty is a next generation
skincare line, we use only the best ingredients proven
effects that work wonders on all skin types.

Manufacturing, production
& sustainability

All our products are developed to the highest
standards and manufactured in Sweden.
This gives us the opportunity to produce
skincare products that are of the highest quality.

C9 Beauty Team

Miriam Grundberg

Anna Sylwander

Josephine Genetay

Dr. Anne Wetter